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Stations are big immobile crafts.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Stations are usually much bigger than other ships and have much more HP, which makes them almost indestructible for early players. Larger stations also have larger commodity limits.

Stations that produce goods are more commonly referred to as Factories.

As crafts, stations belong to factions.

Players can interact with stations by pressing the F button. Depending on the station a menu will appear, where players can then sell resources, buy ships etc. The appearing windows may differ depending on the relations to the faction controlling the station. Most of the stations offer a crew board, where players can hire new crew members.

If the relations are too bad, when you attempt to use the stations menu it will inform you that it is unable to do business with you until relations improve

Players may hire crew members from any station, provided that they are in good faction standing with the owner of that station.

Types of Stations[edit | edit source]

An example of a generated Resource Depot

The types of stations are determined by the scripts that the stations use.

The official types of stations at the time of writing are:

Scripting[edit | edit source]

Stations can have scripts assigned. Those determine the interface of the station when the player interacts with them, as well as the overall behaviour of the station.

Scripts can start station jobs, which have a script attached, too.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Scripted station jobs are used to represent a station's current work. They have a certain duration and are invoked by the station script of the parent station.

The progress of jobs is visualized in the target indicator of a station, as a small light blue progress bar.

Player-Owned Happy Stations[edit | edit source]

You create your own factories by using a ship made at a shipyard.

When ordering a new ship you must choose the "Station founder" option, Once created then you may access it with the interaction menu and you will have the option to found a new factory. The ship is used up in the process.

Factories are divided into four categories ranging from basic tier 1 manufacturing to high end tier 4 production chains.

Note: Stations cannot be founded if they are closer than 4.25 km from another station.

"They will produce goods, which you can take for free. They will also attract NPC traders who will buy or sell goods at your station." - Koonschi

Brewery, Casino, Collector, Equipment Dock, Factory, Farm, Habitat, Headquarter, Manufacturer, Military Outpost, Mine, Repair Dock, Research Station, Resource Depot, Scrapyard, Shipyard, Trading Post, Turret Factory, Power Plant