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Shield generators consume power to project a "bubble" of extra durability around your ship. As long as it has durability remaining, the ship is immune to weapons fire although there are weapons with a chance to penetrate it per shot. Physical collisions ignore the shield.

Shields start at Naonite tier, and gain 1.5x hp for each following material tier. Ogonite does not support shield generators.

Shield Generator Stats by Material[edit | edit source]

By measure of standard 2x2x2 block size (8k m³) as of Avorion Beta 0.20.4
Material Cost ($) Hull (hp) Shield (hp) Mass (t) Shield/Mass (hp/t) Energy Consumption (MW) Shield/Energy Consumption (hp/W)
Naonite 8441 9 1260 352 3.58 187.50 6.72
Trinium 9575 14 1890 224 8.44 217.50 8.69
Xanion 11105 20 2835 288 9.84 255 11.12
Avorion 15962 46 6379 384 16.61 352.50 18.10

This block has 4/3rds the mass and 1/8th the durability of a normal block, but provides 17.5 times more shield HP than a hull block provides in hull HP.

Hull Block, Armor Block, Engine Block, Stone Block, Cargo Bay, Crew Quarters, Thruster, Framework, Hangar, Dock, Turret Rotation Lock, Shield Generator, Energy Container, Generator, Integrity Field Generator, Computer Core, Hyperspace Core, Solar Panel, Light Block, Glow Block, Glass Block, Reflector Block, Hologram Block