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The galaxy in Avorion consists of different sectors. Sectors are the places where the game actually takes place.

Types[edit | edit source]

Sectors may contain a variety of things like asteroid fields, stations, ships, wreckages, treasures, quests objects, wormholes, etc...

Several types of sectors can be seen on the map (default key: M). The more upgraded is the radar of the currently used ship, the more will be shown on the map.

  • Empty sectors: Despite being empty, encounters may still happen inside.
  • Blinking green sectors: Belong to a faction.
  • Blinking yellow sectors: Are not empty, may contain anything but do not belong to any faction.
  • Sparkling stars where grid got erased: Those are rifts and cannot be travelled through (also blocks hyperspace jumps until late tech).

Changing sectors[edit | edit source]

Sectors can be changed by doing a hyperspace jump. To do so, the player must mark the sector on the map, enter its coordinates into the navigation computer and then press space.

Ships have a limited reach when it comes to hyperspace jumps, which means that the player can only access sectors that are near his/hers current sector.

Creation of sectors[edit | edit source]

Sectors are procedurally created when the players explore the galaxy. A sector is only really created as soon as a player executes a hyperspace jump into it.

Most of the sectors are simply empty. For the rest of the sectors, a creation script chosen at random, based on a weight provided by all sector generation scripts and then executed when the sector is created.