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This is the official roadmap for Avorion by Boxelware.

Planned Content

This is the official list for what we've planned with the game. These features aren't in any kind of order.

General Content

  • Installing/removing upgrades at an equipment dock for improved stats (but can only be installed/removed there)
  • Fleet warp drive to take your entire fleet with you when jumping as long as they're in close proximity
  • Improved AI pathfinding
  • More different upgrade types, ie. Reducing hyperspace calculation time, more physical/energy damage
  • Real docking where one ship actually attaches to the other
  • Camera/Bridge Block that you can place the camera in
  • Improved visuals for AI ships
  • Autopilots
  • Automatic downloading of workshop mods when connecting to a server that has them
  • Strafing in Keyboard mode
  • Travel Hubs where players can fast-travel to other travel hubs
  • Hackable Containers
  • Specialty goods, maybe 1 - 3 per faction
  • Improved controls of allied ships
  • Inter-sector communication
  • AI uses workshop ships


  • Blocks that create an exhaust particle effect
  • Blocks that create a spark particle effect
  • Motion Blur


  • Boarding of other ships
  • Stealth Mechanic
  • Cloak blocks
  • Weapon: Ion Cannon that drains energy on hit
  • Weapon: Mines
  • Weapon: Anti-Matter cannon that shoots slow but incredibly powerful anti-matter shots, drains entire battery on shot
  • Coaxial weapons that are integrated into the ship
  • Structural strength for different materials/blocks, this will flatly remove some damage from shots and collisions, (ie. let armor take less damage from collisions etc.)

Xsotan Artifact Rework

  • Each Xsotan artifact will give a unique bonus to your ship instead of turrets
  • Legendary Haati Artifact: Open Wormholes to specific positions in the galaxy
  • Legendary Pirate Artifact: +turrets (Nothing changed with this one)
  • Legendary AI Artifact: Replaces crew with AI robots (no crew cost but can't level)
  • Legendary Hyperspace Artifact: Drastically reduce costs and cooldown
  • More Legendary Artifacts still TBD


  • Autonomous trading ships that will fly trading routes determined by the trading upgrade


  • Settings for balancing PvP on servers
  • These settings will include limited number of ships, volume and stations per player

Scripting API/Modding

  • API for registering windows in the main HUD, not just entity-bound menus
  • Support for workshop mods
  • Make galaxy size moddable
  • Make materials moddable
  • Control camera via scripts
  • Asynchronous inter-sector script calls

Endgame Content

  • Legendary Bosses for after the Guardian was killed, that are really hard to beat and require different tactics
  • Legendary Weapons with unique visuals and/or effects
  • Anomalies
  • Radiated sectors

Events, Missions, Story

  • More Events happening
  • More Distress Calls
  • Repeatable missions that (for example) give you more money/better loot the faster you complete them
  • Lots more Bulletin Board Missions
  • Spawn Xsotan fleet when the wormhole to the center is opened
  • Event: Distress call from ship with a reactor leak, players must fix the leak
  • Event: Wave-By-Wave attacks from Enemies that end in a boss fight
  • Event: A crewmember has a life-threatening accident and you have to ship them to another station for medical care
  • Event: A station needs resources/goods in 20 minutes
  • Mission: Protect a convoy during a transport mission
  • Mission: Find a smuggler's stash (then decide if you want to keep it or give it to him)
  • Mission: Investigate missing freighters
  • Mission: Investigate goods being stolen from container fields
  • Sector: Deserted pirate asteroid with lots of stolen goods in containers floating around it
  • Sector: Minefield