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Main Quest - Reach the Center[edit | edit source]

Reaching the core[edit | edit source]

After the player makes a first travel to another inhabited sector after the generation of the galaxy (or joining a server), the Adventurer will be encountered, who will tell the basics of Avorions lore and trigger the main quest of the game: "Reach the Center". If the dialouge option "I wish you best of luck on your jorney" is chosen during this conversation, the Adventurer will also gift an uncommon Radar Upgrade to the player.

The center of the galaxy is blocked off with a circular rift known as "The Barrier" going all around it, making hyperspace travel impossible. In order to reach the central regions of the galaxy, the player has to succeed in multiple tasks, that will allow for the creation of a wormwhole leading into the central area.

A total of eight different Xsotan artifacts, the XSTN-K, are necessary to cross the Barrier. Each one of these upgrades is obtained in a unique way. Note that these do not have to be done in any specific order, the number of the artifacts does only matter in regards to their use in terms of crossing the Barrier.

I: Project Exodus
II: Researched at the research station
III: Pirate Captain Swoks
IV: Sold by the Traveling Equipment Salesman
V: Artifact delivery quest
VI: the AI
VII: MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab
VIII: Bottan the Smuggler
Note: In case that some of the Xsotan Artifacts are lost, the quests will have to be accomplished again to regain the lost artifacts.

After each of these upgrades has been optained, they may be used to cross the Barrier by use of a specific sector type, that can only be found very close to that circular rift. Any hidden mass signature (yellow blips on the galaxy map) close to the Barrier has a chance to contain nothing but eight abandoned asteroid-stations. In order to use these, a ship with the compatible (that means matching in number) XSTN-K installed has to be placed in front of each asteroid. Correct placement will result in a red lighting at the station.

Once the placement is finished, a wormwhole to the central area will open and a fleet of Xsotan ships will enter the sector.

Inside the Core[edit | edit source]

Once the player has managed to reach the inside of the Barrier, the questlines "Getting Technical" as well as "One Against All And All Against One" can be obtained via following the dialouge option "Who are you?" at any Resistance Outpost. These questlines will make the upcoming fight against the Guardian easier, however it is not necessary to complete them in order to take it on.

Defeating the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian[edit | edit source]

At the coordinates of [0 ; 0], in the very center of the galaxy, the final boss of the main questline, the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian, will await the player. Its defeat will eventually end this quest.

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Procedural quests[edit | edit source]

Wipe out the pirates[edit | edit source]

Often given at Military Outposts, this quest directs you to a nearby system where a band of pirates have taken up residence to terrorize the neighborhood. It's your job to kill all pirate ships in that sector. Bringing guns is recommended.

Explore Sector[edit | edit source]

Another mission offered by military bases that requires you to explore a nearby sector. Several objectives, designated by green outlines, have to be approached and interacted with. Once complete, you have to return and report your findings. While often uneventful, the sector may occasionally contain a few, or even many, hostiles.

Delivery[edit | edit source]

A station asks you to deliver some cargo to another station in another sector. Make sure you have cargo space or you won't be able to take it. You'll also have to pay the worth of the goods when you receive them (you get that money plus your fee on delivery) so no, you can't just steal it. Note that if you are close to an impassable Hyperspace Rift, it may easily be that the destination is on the other side, forcing you to make a long round trip.

Resource shortage[edit | edit source]

A station is in grave need of some item and you are the only one who can save them! Find the required amount of the required items and take them to the station for a price higher than you'd normally sell them for.