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General[edit | edit source]

6th Tier Resource. Orange in color.

Flavor[edit | edit source]


Ogonite is considered the second of the durable material, making for the most durable armor in the galaxy.

While durable, Ogonite is extremely dense, and tends to be more trouble than it is worth for most ships. It also cannot be manipulated at the molecular level easily, disallowing shield generators and several other delicate equipment. It's durability still supports power generation and containment, and is surprisingly able to manage fighter control.

That said, the lack of flexibility doesn't change the reason people care about it. Armor made from Ogonite is the most resilient known, surpassing the most durable configuration of even Avorion, Volume for volume. Proper armor plating is over twice as durable at slightly more than twice the mass.

By the characteristics above, you could consider ogonite the descendant of the iron and it is sort of a combo between the titanium energy properties and few energy properties of the other materials. Maybe it was created similar to trinium, a non technological material (iron in this case) naturaly gained energy properties.

Special Blocks[edit | edit source]

- Supports Armor, Generators, Energy Containers, and Hangars.

Where to find it[edit | edit source]

Ogonite can be easily found across The Barrier. It can also be found around the barrier ring with in ore belts(rarely) or by using a deep space scanner to find wreckage in yellow sectors.


Usage[edit | edit source]

Used in all Ogonite building blocks & used for repairing all Ogonite ship components.

Can be sold to vendors for credits.

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