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General[edit | edit source]

3rd Tier Resource. Green in color.

Flavor[edit | edit source]

Naonite - Nanonite - Neo-nite

Naonite is considered the first of the Technological Materials, supporting complicated and delicate equipment.

Naonite is mainly notable for being the most common material able to be manipulated at the molecular level (and staying put) allowing for the fine structures required for several exotic technologies, such as Hyperdrives and shield generators. Naonite is incapable of being processed into the dense armour plating due to the properties of it's microstructures not allowing for increased durability with density.

Special Blocks[edit | edit source]

- Supports Generators, Energy Containers, Integrity Field generators., Shields, and Hyperdrives.

Where to find it[edit | edit source]

Naonite is found in sectors within a radial distance of 375 from the galaxy's middle.


Usage[edit | edit source]

Used in all Naonite building blocks & used for repairing all Naonite ship components.

Can be sold to vendors for credits.

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