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A drone using its mining lasers to collect resources from an asteroid
Iron floating in space after mining
An Iron rich asteroid
A field of asteroids including an iron-rich asteroid

General Overview[edit | edit source]

Mining is the process of extracting materials from asteroids. Certain asteroids can be claimed to mine goods.

This is done with a mining laser. To mine, the player needs a ship that has a mining laser equipped. If there is none, they can use the drone, as it has two mining lasers equipped. To extract the resources the player has to shoot the object with his laser. As seen in the above image, parts of the asteroid will become destroyed to drop the resource. loot will then appear, ready to be collected.

When the resources of an asteroid are depleted, it can not be mined any longer. Some asteroids contain larger amounts of resources. They are noticeable even at some distance, and it may be more profitable to search for these asteroids in each sector than it is to mine standard asteroids.

Hidden Asteroids[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, certain asteroids have a large amount of resources hidden deep inside them, but are not distinguishable on the surface form normal, mineral poor asteroids. However, a Mining System will highlight these asteroids if it can detect that material on its own (so a mining system that detects up to Titanium will not detect hidden Naonite deposits).

Raw Mining[edit | edit source]

Certain high-efficiency mining lasers will not produce pure resources, but rather, extract ore that will require cargo space, and will need to be refined at a Resource Depot into a usable material. Although technically goods, no stations buy or sell any kind of material ore.

If using fighters with raw mining lasers, it's beneficial to have either working transporters that allow fighters to collect cargo, or upgrading the mining carrier's loot collection range.

All material ores have a size of 0.02, and any Resource Depot can refine any ore.