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Mines are special stations that are connected to an asteroid.

Types[edit | edit source]

Several types of mines exist, each one is specialized to produce only one or a few types of minerals (which are goods, not materials).

Name Construction Cost (MCr) Products
Aluminium Mine 12.000 Aluminium
Coal Mine 6.600 Coal
Copper Mine 10.875 Copper
Ice Mine 9.750 Water
Lead Mine 12.000 Lead
Noble Metal Mine (type 1) 9.075 Gold, Platinum
Noble Metal Mine (type 2) 7.725 Silver, Platinum
Noble Metal Mine (type 3) 7.050 Silver, Gold
Noble Metal Mine (type 4) 7.050 Silver, Gold
Noble Metal Mine (type 5) 7.050 Silver, Gold
Ore Mine 12.450 Ore
Silicium Mine 12.000 Silicium
Zinc Mine 14.250 Zinc
Oil Rig 6.375 Raw Oil

Note that currently the Noble Metal Mine types 3, 4, and 5 have the same cost and produce the same output.

Founding a mine[edit | edit source]

Mines can be founded by the player from a claimed big asteroid.

The cost of founding a mine depends on its type.