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Factories is a generic term for stations which produce trading goods that are not to be mistaken with materials.

The production process consists of repeating cycles. In each cycle a certain amount of the needed ressources is consumed (this does not apply to Basic Factories), while the resulting goods are being added.

Player created factories can be used as any other factory, with the exception that the owner does not have to pay to purchase goods, and is not paid to sell goods to the station. Constructing cargo bays on player stations will increase the amount of storage capacity per resource, up to the limit of 25,000 capacity per commodity. Automatically generated stations for factions must also follow this rule.

Crewmen can be hired at any station or factory in the galaxy. For more information on crewmen please visit the Crew page.

Types of Factories[edit | edit source]

Factories are categorized into four types, Basic, Low tech, Advanced and High Tech.

Mines are not listed here. For more information on mines, visit that page.

Below is a list of the factories currently available to be created.

Currently the prices of factory do not vary on server difficulty.

Note: List organized alphabetically.

Basic Factories[edit | edit source]

Low Tech Factories[edit | edit source]

Advanced Factories[edit | edit source]

High Tech Factories[edit | edit source]

Note: When creating a station you should look for the demand/supply rates in the region you build the factory in to provide the highest profits.