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General Overview[edit | edit source]

An Equipment Dock is a station.

It is the only place where the player can trade system upgrades.

Prices depend on the player's relation to the owner faction.

Equipment only restocks when the server is booted up or when you are out of the sector for an extended period of time (needs more testing).

Trading[edit | edit source]

Equipment Docks do not sell any goods. Of the goods they obtain through trading, this station will consume them over time. They will purchase the following goods from the player:

Antigrav Unit
Fusion Core
Laser Compressor
Laser Head
Power Unit

Brewery, Casino, Collector, Equipment Dock, Factory, Farm, Habitat, Headquarter, Manufacturer, Military Outpost, Mine, Repair Dock, Research Station, Resource Depot, Scrapyard, Shipyard, Trading Post, Turret Factory, Power Plant