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A drone from the front

Drones are units that can be controlled by the player. They are made of one single engine block and 2 mining lasers.
The main role of these crafts is to mine asteroids for resources.

While in control of any ship the player owns, by pressing the 'change-craft' key ('T' by default) on the keyboard, they can undock and take control of the drone.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The drone is formed of one engine block and 2 mining lasers. This ship can not be edited or re-designed. If the ship is destroyed, it will be recreated.

Various uses[edit | edit source]

The drone can be used to mine asteroids and gather resources. Another very important use of the drone is that it permits the player to build a new ship from a station or shipyard. This can prove very useful if the player's ship has been destroyed, thus enabling them to rebuild themselves. The drone can also be useful for attacking incoming pirates while protecting your main ship.