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Dock[edit | edit source]

General Overview[edit | edit source]

A Dock is a block which function is to connect a ship to another ship or station.

Ships currently have little to no use for docks in singleplayer, and only have an applicable functionality for stations. As it stands, ships only have to be within close proximity of one another to transfer cargo and crew. Ship to ship docking is subject to change in the future(It is here now). Player stations and NPC stations are required to have docks to initiate trade.

It is required to transfer, between one another, crew and goods from cargos. It is also required in a few other situations like trading materials to a resource depot or system upgrades to an equipment dock.

In multiplayer on the other hand, placing a few docks on your ship can get in real handy when an ally player needs a "ride", for example when one ship has significantly longer jump range. The most use one could find is getting over the barrier while not having any artifacts or avorion available. When having good relations with a player that has an avorion hyperspace core on their ship, one could dock onto them and jump over the barrier to reach the inner sectors.

Known Problems (0.10.2)[edit | edit source]

Some procedurally generated AI stations may not be dockable.

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