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Build/Building Mode[edit | edit source]

General Overview[edit | edit source]

Build mode can be accessed with the "B" key on the keyboard, it allows you to build with scalable voxels in various configurations with any of the blocks you have available to you. If no target is selected, you will automatically initiate the build on your ship. If you select a ship you own from your fleet, you will initiate building on that ship.

The block toolbar is displayed at the bottom. Turrets can be placed at the bottom, and is recommendable if there are multiple identical turrets. The player can set this up however they would like, however, it will reset each time they enter and exit the menu. The player can cycle the toolbar down as if it were the block menu by using mouse wheel with the mouse over it.

On the left is the build toolbar. Grid scale scales the snapping grid size. Scale step scales the block scale size.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Stats are displayed on the right pane. These are updated with each block that is placed and will show how each additional block will affect the ship.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Materials can be selected during the build process. These materials will scale both mass, effectiveness, and strength for each block.

Snapping[edit | edit source]

Placed blocks can have snapping configured.

No Snapping[edit | edit source]

Just as it sounds, no snapping at all. This setting will force snapping to be ignored.

Global Grid[edit | edit source]

This snaps on the ships global grid, but does not reference the block that is moused over to place. Useful for perfectly uniformly scaled ships.

Local Grid[edit | edit source]

This snaps to the ships local grid, it references the block that is moused over to place. Default, very useful for efficient construction of ships.

Block Middle[edit | edit source]

Ignores snapping scale setting and snaps to the center of the block that is moused over.

Modes[edit | edit source]

By default safe mode is enabled to prevent accidental destruction of a ship. There are a few modes.

Mirroring[edit | edit source]

Ships can be mirrored on the X, Y, or Z axis. This will allow you to make a symmetrical ship easier.

Safe Mode[edit | edit source]

This mode prevents you from deleting a ship or deleting multiple blocks on accident. Blocks follow a tree structure. If you attempt to destroy a block it will look for the closest touching block and if available, re-construct the tree.

Match Block[edit | edit source]

This will match the length and width of the visible face with the only modifiable size being depth.

Match Shape[edit | edit source]

This will attempt to match the rotation of the block. It would be functional for extending edges, however it is not functional right now. Match shape cannot be enabled without match block enabled, possible conflict.

Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

The following shortcuts are for default configuration:

Spacebar: This will display the block/turret menu while held down.
Middle Mouse Button: This will allow you to select a specific block.
RMB: Rotate Camera around object.
F: Focuses on the selected block.
CTRL + Z: Attempts to Undo.
CTRL + Y: Attempts to Redo.
Q: All scale slow, drag mouse.
R: Rotate Block, rotation model will appear over block.
W: All scale fast, drag mouse.
A: Length scale, drag mouse.
S: Width scale, drag mouse.
D: Height scale, drag mouse.
C: Select color.
Z: Mirror Flip/Rescale block. Useful for corners and triangles.

Note: Deleting too many blocks per undo/redo level can cause the function to stop working for the current build session.