Accelerator Factory

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General Overview[edit | edit source]

This station produces particle accelerators. These devices are used for scientific purposes, and may be sold to research stations.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Cost to produce: 435,550,500 credits.

Production[edit | edit source]

This factory produces the following resources per cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Illegal? Dangerous?
Neutron Accelerator 1 15 112,915 No No
Proton Accelerator 1 15 112,915 No No
Electron Accelerator 1 12 112,915 No No

Production Materials[edit | edit source]

These factories require the following resources to complete a cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Sold By Illegal? Dangerous?
Turbine 3 7.5 12,479 Turbine Factory No No
Plasma Cell 3 0.25 150 Plasma Cell Factory No No
Fusion Generator 3 2.5 35,468 Fusion Generator Factory No No
Energy Tube 6 1.5 2,761 Energy Tube Factory No No
High Pressure Tube 6 2 1,981 High Pressure Tube Factory No No
Conductor 15 0.15 152 Conductor Factory No No
Gauss Rail 9 2 7,437 Gauss Rail Factory No No

Profitability[edit | edit source]

This station's profitability is an average of 96,789 credits per cycle.